Marsean Warren

Father - Poem by Marsean Warren

As I set here lookin at this faceless man,
laffing, playing, joking, I wonder who he is..why do I only c him n dis place, ..where is dis place, but nothing is fill da air, n when it cum time 4 him 2 go ther is no good bye, cuase I know he will be there 4 me when I need him....this is my father...this is da person I look up 2...right? ? ? , I know father has a face..n I hate it, I love him, don't get me wrong I'm here cause of him, but I hate him...he not shit n will never b shit..some ppl don't have father n I think you r da lucky might think I'm just being dumb, but I'm father been n my life most of my life..n I still don't know this 'man' (if that wat you want 2 kall him) . He never did shit 4 me...never been there 4 life waz hell..he waz da reason... I never wanted 2 go name it n he did it...I hate that he waz there, but never there...everybody father is not that good man..that father that will cum when you kall, that will do anything 4 you..that will go out of his way 2 make you happy..most of us r not that life waz shit...but you would never have belive me if I told you...fake smiles hide da real pain, nice kid hide da killer inside....most ppl only have a mom(or just a father it go both ways) n you think you got it bad..wat some of yall don't know is when it cum time yo mother will step up n b both a mom n father...I'm not writing this 2 put anybody down..n dis don't apply 2 everybody, it might only be me, but I know better....I ask myself all da time where is dis faceless man that I c in that place...dat place is not real, well not n my father, but its real n me...I am that place...I can't find that man cause Im looking n da wrong place I will never find that man looking at my father, but I will find him n any mirror..I can't c a face cuz da kid n me still think maybe that father of mine will come around in start acking like a real man(just wishful thinking)
Its funny....that man that is not shit n will never b shit help me become da man that I am 2 day'NOT HIM'..real talk...
Funny how dat played out...

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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