Fighting Ocd Poem by Sherri Vogel

Fighting Ocd

Lynnea says I am helpable though I shop and I hoard
Have unpaid bills stacked on piles I can not afford.
My VISA's been outrageous my money all is spent
I charged a money order to pay my last months rent.
My wish is I'll win a lot of money this I hope and pray
If it is meant to happen today was not the day.
They call this Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior it isn't me it's the OCD
When I follow strong urges to shop buy unneeded items for me.
I read pamphlets Lynnea gives me to inform me of what I've got
It's a disease that can be won with strength, power, will, and thought.
A brain just gets 'Brain Locked' it doesn't shift its gear
The book that I am reading is making it more clear.
Medication can be helpful in the book referred to as 'water wings'
It helps reduce anxiety OCD so often brings.
There's hope for the future I can still succeed
With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy giving the tools that I need.
I've got to learn to change my thoughts when obsessive thoughts set in
Not follow the compulsive urge if I intend to win.
At times it still may beat me but it doesn't mean that I am weak
You don't abandon ship when it's sprung a little leak.
If I put forth the effort and if I control my mind
The possibilities in life are endless I may come to find.
For years I've lost control to this crummy OCD
The shopping and the hoarding overpowered me.
Thought things would make me happy instead they made me sad
I was never satisfied with anything I had.
Can't spend my time looking back undo the things I've done
Everybody makes mistakes feels like I've made a ton.
It's an unending battle that lies in front of me
Living and fighting this chronic disease
People call OCD.

The poem I wrote above was inspired by a book I read about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) called 'Brain Lock' by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD.

Sherri Vogel

Sherri Vogel

Bismarck, North Dakota
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