Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Forgotten Love - Poem by Justin Reamer

I sat by the fireplace, ready to think. That lost emotion I will never know.
But, I sat and thought and tried to remember. It came to me in a flash…

A sunny day on the sand dune,
The view so perfect and clear,
I sat next to her, my first love,
And I held her ever so dear.
The wind blew in a cooling way,
Making nature seem so mighty,
The waves crashed against the shore,
Making the seagulls squaw so brightly.
Big Red sat on the pier,
Being there for hours on end,
He sat there without fear,
With truth and without pretend.
I admired the beauty,
And I admired the sight,
I admired Mother Nature
And her true might.
Only God could have created
Something like this,
That ignorance
Could only be bliss.
I looked at my love,
Seeing her beauty in full,
I saw her beautiful eyes,
And her vibrant smile,
That the bells could never again toll.
When I saw her smile,
I smiled right back,
When she started talking,
I knew I was off-track.
But, here we were in peace,
With silence so utterly tranquil,
And we had cuddled, close, if needbe,
That there would be no pain still.
We talked to each other,
On that beautiful day,
Knowing we would never part,
We were fond of each other,
That we felt our flutters,
That we wouldn't wake with a start.
Her beauty was intoxicating,
And her love I knew was mine,
For with her smile,
I could take her to dine.
But, alas, love is never meant to last,
For we had a terrible fight,
And, alas, love is bleak,
For all the horrors came to light.

My story and memory I remembered. It finished with such a tragic end. I got
up from the fireplace, and I hated the memory; I forced it out of my mind.

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