Freedom Poem by Sunday Igwebuike


Although resources abound,
Both human and material;
Our sleeping children wrestle need,
While Africa lies at our feet.
Confused, I turned to the God in me,
And ask, 'How can this stand? '

Our people's dreams seem to be cursed!
Nothing to give while others starve,
Have we offended God somehow?
His richest blessings turned to dust.
I did not have to wait that long,
For written there, high in the sky,
His finger wrote on heaven's door...
'Today, this hour, your time has come,
Let every man rise from the ground,
Those rising first give brothers aid,
Inaction never nurtures dreams.
Let human toil serve future crops,
And Africa be born again.
And humankind triumphant.'

Freedom is written to commemorate the birth and advancement of Nigerian nation. It laid great emphasis on the huge responsibilities that Nigeria is meant to shoulder. Nigeria is undoubtedly the hope of Africa, the entire black race and humanity. God has blessed or endowed the nation tremendously, to be able to fulfill her great and profound destiny. The poem is saying that once Nigeria gets her acts together (get it in order) that she will be able to take her position and place among the comity of nations and the time is now. Nigeria according to the poem is the next happening place. The hands of destiny that propelled other world civilizations to greatness are there to help the nation access her greatness to the glory of God. The sooner the nation understands her prime position and place in the annals of history the better. It is not for nothing that the nation was forged out of about 350 ethnic nationalities, with diverse cultures and socio-economic-religious differences. At this point in time people are confused as the nation seemed not to be at par with her great destiny. The poet himself was confused and asked the begging question, which way Nigeria? From the answer that was given it became clear that the destiny of the nation was not forged by the colonial masters not the people themselves. The solution to the Nation's problems lies not in academic rhetoric, political engineering but in God's hands. Freedom is technically a great comfort to the nation, her people and entire humanity. The whole world is anxiously waiting for the nation to get it right, socially, economically, politically and otherwise!
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