Felipe Herrera

Futuristic Revolution - Poem by Felipe Herrera

Fade In, glimpse of the past
Writing about the day I will no longer last.
Fade Out to the world I now belong
A place that can't be explained in a poem that just is not long.
But let me try my best.
If this poem isn't what you guessed
Then just read along, forget about it and rest.

I'm living in a futuristic revolution
Where problems find solutions
And classes are divided in institutions
The world before is dead.
And if I get caught telling
While trying to fix my spelling.
The world I live in will perish
But its a risk I'm willing to take.
Let me explain the fate
Of this revolution at stake
I'm sending this message back in time
So I can cure this robotic crime.

I live in the year two thousand eighty six
Where the green faded away and the world is made of sand and bricks.
Where the colors of the night aren't different from the day.
Where the Moon has been crushed
to dust
and the particles flew away.
We eat no food, we drink no fluids
We don't exercise, I know it seems convoluted.
How do we live, through a system of choice.
A computer decides rather or not we should rejoice.
A chip is planted inside our brain
All the creativity of a human being, DRAINED.
All the mistakes of an individual gone
At last the new set of humans in dawn.

They weren't born from humans, not like you and me.
Sperm and eggs are stolen from the older generation, they get a fee.
How else can people make money in this world.
Most people in lower class stay away curled.
So every time something goes wrong
When rent is due in pay
New sperm and eggs are shelved out, this happens everyday.
Sex is old fashioned and quite aimless
We can get the same pleasure from a machine, just stay nameless.
I know I'm joking, I know I'm putting you all to shock.
But the world I now live in is easy to mock.

As the babies are genetically made
To make sure perfection is born to aid
The machines are watching, making sure they follow the laws
They give them no beliefs, not even Santa Claus.
Everything they are taught to watch
is to make them smarter and not goof off.
Intelligence, they only words that are said
Imagination drained, work ethic is left in their head.
A chip is planted, gets rid of thought and will
Their think the same by taking this pill.
This pill is what I warn the most
It isn't something that deserves a toast.
This pill is what creates us the same.
The governments controls everything, how lame.

The children grow up not experiencing how to have fun
Everything they learned was from watching the computers, real humans
At at the end of a hard day
The children are locked away
to a place where nobody wishes to stay.
A old prison camp where children are treated like dogs
Or if you like the animal they could be treated like frogs.
But the matter of the fact is they're treated like shit
But children no longer throw any type of fit.
They are controlled, they are made for the government.
And sorry there is not a word I know of that rhymes with government.

The perfect human is born to stand
Mistakes no longer a problem, how grand.
The earth is longer what it used to be.
Every human now lives in misery.
I feel being so old I should depart.
But you can't hide anywhere unless you're smart.
Cameras come from every angle, every way possible
Is there a place that does not have cameras, impossible.
I know that wasn't creative
But remember I am just being stative.
To get away you become a rebel and wanted
The task at hand makes the public feel daunted.
But none of that matters if you want to be free
Take it from a guy who saw pain and misery.

To all the people reading this in two thousand twelve
Please just don't stow this poem on your shelve
The future can be fixed through a click of a mouse
A post on facebook, Or just being a rouse
The future is nothing less but a disturbing place
To fix it we must act as a human race.
The future does not deserve such disgrace
Get the message out, or get ready to brace.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a comedic poem about the messed up future that is about to come.

This was the first poem I ever wrote and I know it is not perfect so I would really like some feedback on what to do better.

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