Leland D'Elormie

Gnomefield - Poem by Leland D'Elormie

In the hoggy, woggy hollows,
Of the clappy, happy frogies,
By the frondy, pondy shallows,
On the soggy, boggy loggies,
Where the fancy, dancy snowflakes,
Land in lumpy, bumpy piles,
There's a tidy, hidey pathway,
You can take for twenty miles,
To the little, middle clearing,
And a field which is the home,
Of some very grumpy bunnies,
And a chubby, tubby gnome.

In that field all dead and stumpy,
In the fluffy, puffy snow,
When the bunnies are most grumpy,
And the temperature most low,
You can see the gnome is leaping,
Hopping high and heartily howling,
'Little gnome, you should be sleeping! '
Shout the grumpy bunnies, scowling.

'But the stars are much too shiny,
And the meadow much too wide,
And the night too fresh and piny,
To spend shut away inside.'
So the chubby, tubby field gnome,
To the angry hares replied.

Then oldest bunnies' answer,
Came, he cried 'Oh what a sight!
You're a crazy, dazy dancer,
In the bitter winter night,
By what right are you so cheery,
When it freezes, sleets and snows?
Can't you see the field is dreary,
And that frost will eat your toes?
Can't you tell that we are weary,
Of your 'has' and 'hees' and 'hos'? '
'I am dancing for my maker,
And St. Nicholas and you,
And because my beard is pointy,
And because my hat is blue,
And because you are a bunny,
You should come and join me too,
We will dance until it's sunny,
It's the thankful thing to do.'

This he told the grumpy brothers,
But they never took the chance,
On that night or any other,
To come with him to the dance.

Now the lesson is to notice,
The whole lovely world around,
And to see a sweeping ballroom,
When others see the ground,
And to thank the lord for flowerbeds,
And for rolly, poley gnomes,
And for butterscotch and gingerbreads,
And families and homes.

And be kind to those who bring the cold,
To meadows sweet and sunny,
For we all can sometimes be like old,
Sad, lumpy, grumpy bunnies.

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