katie norton

God Bless All - Poem by katie norton

The screech of the chalk board
The honk of the sirens
The voice booms loud
Were under attack
Our military made to fight back
They tell us what happened
And hear our little cries
What’s going to happen?
My daddy’s in there
We hear a heartfelt cry
As our moms fall
And our soldiers die
The fire shoots up
And we see our world fall
People shouting out
Get through it all
The jump from up high
Fall but not burn
The tower crumbled
The pentagon crashed
The lives of all
Torn and lashed
The plane down
A million died
We wonder now
Our country, should it hide?
Nine one one we all call
Nine eleven hurt us all
It killed our families
Our friends
Our loved one so
Nine-eleven hurt
You know?
Two months later
A girl walked up
A flower in her hair
She knelt down
And looked back at her mom
Laid the flower their
Right by the flag
“Thank you daddy, for your die.”
She kissed it
And left with, “goodbye.”
The wind blew
Ashes flew
The flower swayed
The thirteen stripes
Oh the fifty star night
Fluttered tall
And even after nine eleven
The little girl turned back, “god bless all.”

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 19, 2010

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