Tafadzwa Mhondiwa Mugari

God's Nature

Sometimes when I'm sitting
Alone in our house
And the silence around me gathers,
I ponder upon the mysteries
Of God's universe
And the beauty He has created.

I wonder what it would be like
Not to be able to see:
The vibrant reds of newly-bloomed flowers;
The deep blue sky in cloudless array;
The bright yellow sun in full view at midday;
The lustrous green of long, uncut grass;
The soft hues of wildflowers along the roadside;
Or the shimmering crystal-clear gray of a lake at dawn?

Could I ever be as close to Him
If I could not hear;
The wind blowing softly through Fall's scattering leaves;
A new-born baby's cry;
The songs and music and praise of Believers;
A child's sweet voice exclaiming, 'I love you, Mommy! ';
The birds wildly chirping at morning's first light;
Or the rain falling gently throughout the night?

Would I be able to praise Him as much
If I could not smell:
The poignant scent of freshly-cut lilacs;
The tantalizing odors from kitchen bakings;
The sweet perfume of grass newly mowed;
The ocean's harsh waftings of fish and salt spray;
A freshly bathed baby's neck;
Or the unmistakable stench of Autumn's raked, wet leaves?

And what if I could not speak
Or communicate in any way:
Could not ask any questions;
Could not voice any opinions;
Could not give any instructions;
Could not say 'hello' or 'good-by';
Could not verbalize the things in my heart;
Could not give praise to another?

What if I could not touch
Or no longer feel:
Another human's caress;
The soft petals of a rose;
The firm friendliness of a handshake;
The cool freshness of water, of rain;
The downy feathers of a young chick;
The warmth of the sun's rays of the crisp chill of winter?

I am so blessed, so thankful, to Thee
For these senses You've given to me.
Without them, it would be hard
To know You as well;
For through these things
Your nature You tell!

Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 7, 2010

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