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Gone But Not Forgotten - Poem by Haley Brown

The girl they seen unbreakable- broke.
The girl they seen so strong- crumbled.
The girl they seen who always laughed it off- cried.
The girl they thought would never stop trying- finally gave up.

They all thought that she was fine,
But the truth, they would never find.

She was tired of faking a smile.
All she ever did was smile and pretend everything was okay.
If you look beyond her smile,
You would see something you just wouldn't understand.

People starte talking just a little too much.
She ran out of people she could trust.

She was tired of crying and didn't want to talk to anybody,
She just wanted to be alone.

She had problems,
Problems only few knew about.
She wanted an out.
Wanted one so bad, but didn't know if there was one.

Usually she was happy.
Tried to hide what was wrong.

She had cut her arms,
But not just for attention, just to see if someone cared.
Before she cut she would always hear-
'This is your life, do you know what yuor about to do? '

Did she ever pay attention?

I know she wanted to put her past behind her,
So she could start her future, .
It kept hanging ove her like a rain cloud that just wouldn't go away.

To all the people that knew her addiction,
All she thought was-
'Its my wrist, my arms, my blood, so why do you care? '

All she wanted was to be happy again.
But found no solution.

She never had the chance to learn what life was about...
Hanging on when your heart has had enough, but,
Giving more when you want to give up.

She was a little girl with big dreams
She had a big heart but,
She would never sceam.
Just kept it bottled up inside and thought
'Pain, pain go away,
Slit my wrist and watch me fade,
Into the darkeness, away from the light,
Praying that I can hold on tight.'

She always wanted to go back to believing in evevrything,
And knowing nothing at all.

Just because she wasn't crying,
Didn't mean she was okay.
She didn't care what anyone thought anymore.

Wanted to promise herself to be strong
Promise to think her best and work her best.
Promise to believe that as long as you are true to yourself
you can do whatever you want.

She though of her parents,
'So take this razor sign you name
Across my wrists so evryone knows who left me like this.
But have no shame because you are the ones to blame.'

She was always bright,
Intellegent girls are always more depressed.
They know that the world will lie.
They don't think that everything will be alright.

She spoke in third person,
SO she could forget about herself,
So I can forget that I'm me.

So I guess she
Thougth that her only option was
To take her life.

They will always love her,
Always miss her.
But will never know what she was thinking
Or what she felt, the night she died.

As they lowered her casket in the ground,
Everyone stood there without a sound.

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