Goodnight My Beautiful Angel Of My Hopes And Dreams Poem by Michael P. McParland

Goodnight My Beautiful Angel Of My Hopes And Dreams

Goodnight my sweet beautiful Angel Kira
holder of my heart and soul as well as
all of my greatest hopes and dreams.
I am extremely tired and ready to slip into bed,
Come and join me sweet lady under the covers
and share a warming and loving snuggle
with the sweetest and most reassuring kisses.
I just want to hold you
and feel your arms around me as well.
I am in need of my sweet lady's comfort
from the sad weight I feel from so badly missing you.
So in your warm loving arms with your
sweet words of comfort and sweet kisses
will help lift that weight and with you begin relaxing.
So come now and let's snuggle sharing some sweet kisses
before we close our tired eyes to drift away
with peace and contentment in our souls and hearts
from having each other no matter what.

Come and curl up so close and tight within my arms
and I will keep you so warm and cozy
the entire night through helping you feel safe
and at peace knowing I'm with you
giving you all of my warmth and love
as you rest your sweet head upon my chest
and I'll give you deep comfort
by rubbing your back and stroking your hair
and softly speaking giving reassurance
that everything is okay and I will
be with you forever as I am right now.
Yesterday was just odd from when I awoke
probably because of the very restless sleep.
There is nothing to worry about or be upset over
because it was just one of those days that turns out to be strange.
I love you sweet lady and my hand is in yours,
please have faith and be filled with peace and calm
because I will always be standing beside you.

I will see you tonight within the land of dreams
where on the waking side here I'm so very tired
and my only desire is to sit down and hold you
so I say let's make that the plan for
time tonight by finding a beautiful place
to lay down a blanket and lay down with each other
then spend our time snuggling, kissing,
talking and just spending time together.
The simple things are what I long for my dear
so tonight just a relaxing time with each other
snuggling and enjoying each others company.

Goodnight my sweet beautiful Angel and Queen
of my greatest and brightest hopes and dreams,
you are my universe and my everything
and I can't wait to be here lying right next to you.
Feel all of my love as I send it
with the sweetest kisses of comfort
and the biggest hugs of strength and warmth.
God bless you my lady that
your night and sleep will be ever so peaceful.
As I am now quickly fading
again I want to say that I love you
and will be here when you wake up in the morning
and every single one after that
because I love you my Angel and best friend.
So come curl up in my arms and let's end
this day that has passed and now this night.
I love you sweet lady and adore you endlessly
so always remember I will give you my best
and would never do anything to hurt or betray you.
You are my soul mate and we share a bond of true love
which I cherish just like I do you
and I would never do anything that would destroy it
and all the wonderful blessings we hold if that were to happen.
I will always fight for you and stand up
to defend and support you.
Goodnight my dear Angel and feel deep peace in your heart
and remember I'm with you holding you tight.

Goodnight My Beautiful Angel Of My Hopes And Dreams
Friday, January 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: good night,kiss,snuggle,true love
Goodnight Kira my sweet Angel dove and get some great sleep. This computer again randomly shut down on me while writing so had to redo a section. I truly am so sorry and pray that after some sleep this day will be much clearer and better. I love you sweet lady and miss you very badly. ILYF
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