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Goshen! ! ! The Dwelling Of God - Poem by Siegfried OheneSidza

Goshen! ! ! The land they called; Slaves! ! ! The people they named,
Insolence was the trademark as strangers in a hinter land.
Placed in their arms the rage of sorrow instead of a muscle of wheat
To pull down and to build up in a wasteland was their born identity
Seems to others, all was devastation in their lives but they were seals of prosperity.
Many tried and failed; others fought and were nailed;
Only the chosen in Goshen could make it right.
In the end of days, all their pain could vanquish in a million drips of grain

The cry of the nation was not the agony of Goshen,
The plagues of its natives were not victimized on the pleasantries of Goshen.
Thou afflicted on every side yet rides on the moving clouds in comfort.
Known to be the heirs of salvation but dejected of men as slaves of fury.
Blessed are the works of their hands and still was a laughing stock to men.
In the multitude of their plight, fortunes of gold were still acquired.
Nothing special was there in Goshen, but precious were its settlers.
In all that could harm them, Goshen still was the delightsome of God.

The morning laid a hand to the dry grounds, yet fruitfulness was found in a waste land.
Life slipped from the hands of the aged but grows steadily in the heart of the young.
In the growth of generations; riches and honour was found in the solitude land.
Peace and Joy was the watchmen to the gates of the land.
In the center thereof, the love of God ruled and reigned amongst His people.
Where sorrow was the plight of the people, narrow was their path to freedom
As the days grow old; genuinely flowed from the springs of life blessings in abundance
Only thoughts that could lead to redemption was the cry to its inhabitants

As the night falls and the deep ravages itself into an elongated sleep;
With the moon thriving into the depths of the hallowing clouds,
Then shall the sun forever rule within the vault of the heavens.
In retrospect, Goshen, though small in size but excels in power.
Though dejected, yet rules as the sun governs the day in greatness.
Well, oppressed of men but moves the nations as the moon rolls the night.
Goshen! The delight of God; where God laid in isolation the glory of His people.
Goshen! The honour of God; where God preserved His people in the face of adversity.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Inspiration from the scriptures (Genesis 45: 10- 14,46: 34,47: 4, Exodus 8: 22-23)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 2, 2013

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