Great People. Poem by Oualid Alamghouz

Great People.

Great people.

You have met your friends and smoke together.
You have met. Drunk wine, and smoke with one another.
I feel you have had a good time.
- You have smoked unseen.
You went outside at night. Why?
To buy a packet of cigarettes. That's true.
- You have smoked at parties, at events, in a cafe, in a room, in the forest, in the house, at school and at work.
- You have smoked everywhere.
Correct me if I'm Wrong.
You asked your friends to lend you money. Why? To smoke of course not for food.
- You have smoked and felt ecstatic.
Cigarettes help concentrate, cigarettes help improve concentration.
There is only one positive side about smoking. It kills.
- You have smoked for years and years.
Do me a favour and answer this question.
Do you want your mother and family to Stand at your grave at an early hour?
Really your friend is not good. He is Killing you little by little.
Do me a favour. Do not hang out with him anymore.
Have him with you do not please.
I am begging you to not do it again.
Great people,
- You have smoked not once, not twice, not three times, not months, not years.
Now please stop the bad journey.
The good one is waiting for you.
Try to travel,
Try to read,
Try to drink tea and smoke bread.
But try something,
Try marriage?
There is a lot to try great people.
Time to leave your friend and instead of enjoying him all the time.
You may someday forget it. But it will never forget that it enjoyed your health.
My friends, my family, my teacher and everyone else.
I am someone you can put your trust in.
There is a lot to try.
Great people.
There is a lot to try.

2 December

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