Nero CaroZiv

Guard Yourself - Poem by Nero CaroZiv

 Guard yourself from the evil behind your wings
 Hide yourself from the storm, the rain, and the winds
 The forest gloom foster danger with deadly weight
 which haunts us in some sad reverse of fate

 The thoughts which bow the kindly spirit down
 and break the springs of joy of pleasures flown     
 Keep away from the blast that whirls behind the hill
 Stay away from the wave, the gale, and the rushing rill

 Shy your ears from the overwhelming sound
 of hail-stones showers pattered round
 Beware of the lightning it will blind your eyes
 Take heed! At its heels the thunder's wrath rises

 keep your steps away from the edge of above
 dark, deep, endless holes, the colossus of nothing
 Love should yield us with strength of kings.
 Strength should nurture us back to Love

 The strength of acknowledging weaknesses and adverse.
Time is the fire on which we burn,
And among all the heavenly stars in the universe,
This is the planet where we were born.

And in this very world,
which is the world of all of us, where our story is told
The place where in the end and as a whole,
we may find our happiness, or not at all.

Even as we pursue it in persistence
Our perception of it changes as does our existence.
There is not a joy the world can give
Like that it from us may deceive

copy rights 2010

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 12, 2010

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