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Guilty Truth - Poem by selvin mcrae

Guilty Truth
Written by Selvin ‘Ewan’ McRae

I have something I’d love to share with you
Follow along now, as I testify to you what’s true

If you are important people will discuss you
Yet with great minds this should motivate you
Never get distracted by the small minded few
I am now found guilty, for speaking what’s true

People fear what they don’t understand
Imagine if they understand how they would react?
Never ask a question you wouldn’t like the answer
It can cause your inner peace to suffer

There are times when you are fully aware
Yet you should pretend you aren’t aware
In order to let those who don’t know
Think there are others out there that don’t know

Some are threatened by the truth some how
They only appreciate the disgusting lies
The truth sometimes is an offence that hurts
Nevertheless speak it for what its worth

People can’t talk what they don’t know
Yet they can only say what you let them know
Having tongue as deadly as an arrow and a bow
Remember you reap exactly what you sow

Never feed your soul with vanities of the world
This is bound to fade away along with your soul
Pay little attention to the outward beauty of someone
This can deceive you vigorously as Satan

Some of you behave like crabs in a barrel
Tearing each others down from reaching the top
Show appreciation to those who make your hearts smile
Because they will only be here for a short while

One minute you will be well loved
The next minute you will be so hated
You’ll never be able to gain everyone’s love
To some you will be highly underrated

You may not have everything in life to make you happy
Yet some of the happiest people in the world don’t have a thing
Seek your truth in Genesis through Revelation
And never lose your way for fortune and bling

There are things you’ll have to deal with in life
That will fill others life with lots of surprise
Just as the twinkling star dances in the dark skies
So will be my words circulating free of lies

Take a look at yourself in the mirror
Do you hear what I hear or see what I see?
What if I should punched your left jaw
Would you do what’s right and turn the right cheek?

Dream good dreams, be a good dreamer
Travel in love among strangers
Sisters never stop your brother’s success
Brothers your sister’s well being should be your interest

The Bible; the only aid to our tribulations
Especially Psalms, Proverbs and Revelation
Be found guilty of speaking the truth
Regardless of the price, that’s the path to choose

I will stick to my promise and write in truth
That is why this is titled Guilty Truth
A chapter a day will keep the devil away
So be humble my children and learn to obey

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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