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Happy Mother's Day (With Love For R. Saidi And My Mother-In-Law) - Poem by GERALD SAIDI

Puffing with dreadful agony
You delivered me
You knew
Labor was a snake pit
But for me
You were determined
To defy pain
For my sake.

Jealous people
Affronted you
Hurtling insults at you
But for me
You managed
To smile
Envious people
Pricked your back
With mistreatment
But for me
You thrived

When some days
Were gloomy
And you had no hope
No one to lean on
No one to succor you
In times of distress
No one to pick you up
When you were low-spirited
No one to run to
For comfort
Not even a blanket
To warm up your soul
And life was blue
Never did you
Consider getting rid of me
Never did you
Stop looking out for me
You searched for the stars
In anticipation
Of that day
You would hold me
In your affectionate arms
You counted seasons
To receive me
Into this world
You had every reason
To treasure me
Without measure
Waiting with leisure
And pleasure
To have me
In your life

When you suckled me
You caressed my delicate head
Plucking out dried mucus
In my small nostrils
With your gentle fingers
Wrapping me
In fleecy fabric
Warm and snugly
Planting smoothest kisses
All over my face
While i suckled still
Patiently waiting for me
To have my fill

When I cried like a banshee
At night
You forsake your bed
To be with me
You would change my nappies
While you joyfully sung
And chuff my tiny edge
With scented powders
And when i broke wind
You kissed me for that
Holding me in your arms
Tickling my snotty-nose
With tingling kisses

In my infancy
I knew the feel of your arms
Even before i had sight
For you took me for a flight
Into the light of your heart
So bright
That i felt safe
And loved
I never desired anyone
To hold me in their arms
For your arms
Pampered me best

Since then
You dedicated your handiwork
To sustain me
Putting me before your needs

You walk by me always
And speak to me with promise
Every action you direct my way
Is a supplication
That I may be fruitful
And prosperous

No words
Could ever express
My love for you my mother
No actions
Would ever articulate
My gratitude to you
No amount
Of input
Will ever compensate
Your love for me
All I ever desire
Is that
You deserve the best
Ahead of me
You will get the best
From me
That I could
Ever get for myself
And I always love you!
Every day is your day
For you are special
Than special can specially express!
May God Almighty
Always, ever, and abundantly
Bless you more and forever
Enrich you and
Make your heart contented
With my footsteps
For I thrive still
Under your motherly guidance.
You are the best ever
Created, fashioned, and designated

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