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Heartbroken - Poem by maryam kazmi

She was there for me
I was there for her
We both loved each other

As I woke up, the sun
Shone through the window
And there stood my only
Dearest sister

I embraced her lovingly
She smelled of rose and cherry
She was beautiful
My heart was full of delight

She smiled back at me
I felt so light and so happy
Without her, the whole world
Would be incomplete

When we where clismissed from class,
As we walked home
I decided to tell her
My heart biggest fear

Dearest sister listen to me
For I have something to tell
I am scared of water
For me it is like hell

She stood there tongue-tied
And watched me with curious eyes
Finally the silence fell
And I felt I could tell her anything

Relations are more important than anything
For you have come to me
I will help you, and then you will see
How I get rid of your fear

You love me
And I love you
You should take the name of one
Who you have complete faith in.

Days went by
We were packed and ready to go
For we did not know
What was to come

Soon we were ready to take off
Over the Atlantic Ocean
As we sat in our seats
This didn’t seem to be an ordinary motion

Everybody was running around
The pilots and people
Bun no-one would tell us
What was going on

I reassured her that
Everything would be fine
And just that little bit
Of faith and trust would work

She closed her eyes
I squeezed her hand gently
And whispered take the name
Of the one you have faith in

I left her there
And went to get myself freshened up
I could feel the cold air
Over my face

Suddenly there was a loud piercing scream
I ran back to the seat
And to my amazement
She was not there!

Behind me was a
Wide open door
And there I saw her
Clinging on the door for her life

Her state agonized me
She was at her wits end.
I had to act immediately
I reached out to grab her hand

Don’t give up
Don’t cry, I’m here for you
Please don’t give up
Fight your fear

Her hand slowly slipped… away
Sadness swept over me
The world around me went empty
A tear rolled down my cheek


The plane landed
As I stood on firm ground
There stood my mum and dad
I didn’t know what answer to give

The road from the airport to home
Seemed very long
The whole journey
Was silent

Because the only answer I had
Was simply she died?
She died, just those two words
Those metaphors, no fanfare

Just a simple answer
Simply she died
She was my pride and
She will always be by my side

Many months went by
My parents said consistently-she’s gone
She may leave you
But she will never leave me

I tried to escape
But there is no-where to run
Every time I try to turn back
I see the past

Without you life will never be the same
But that’s too hard to accept
And too hard to explain
Because I want you, right here, right now

As I lay in bed
Without her
I felt incomplete
I thought I saw a vision of her

“I have not left you,
I’m still here with you,
Watching you from the sky,
You can wipe by smiling”

Suddenly she disappeared
I wiped my tears
I looked out of the window
And wished on a star

Please sister, come back…

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