Lizee Beth

Rookie (July 21,1994 / Ashville, North Carolina)

Hidden Love - Poem by Lizee Beth

For you my love's been growing
from the day that we first met.
You have always had my heart,
but your heart I could not get.
We became the best of friends
but I kept my love inside,
because I didn't want to take the chance
of having it denied.
And then one day I got the nerve
to tell you how I feel
'cause all the love I had for you
could no longer be concealed.
To my surprise you told me
that you wanted more yourself,
but as friends we grew too close
to take a chance at something else.
You said that I was like your brother
knowing secrets from your past
and if we took a chance as lovers,
then our friendship wouldn't last.
I listened to your words,
but to me they made no sense.
So to try to stop the pain inside
I took up a defense.
I told myself that there are
other fish in the sea,
and a girl would have to be a fool
to deny a guy like me.
I thought I could forget you
in another woman's bed,
but no matter who I slept with
you were always in my head.
And I noticed that no matter
how much I slept around
the love you got so easily
was nowhere to be found.
I couldn't care for anyone
the way I cared for you
and it seemed to me another girl
was never gonna do.
So without a heart to love with
it makes me quite annoyed
that the friendship that you tried to save
was totally destroyed.
I know you're bound to give your heart
to someone else someday,
so I choose to keep my distance
so I won't stand in your way.
Plus I know that if I were around
I couldn't stand to see
the love that I knew deep inside
should have belonged to me.
So now I can't help wondering
if telling you was wrong.
Should I not have said a thing,
or did I just wait way too long?
I think that if we took a chance
then things could have been great,
but I don't think I should take the blame
because I chose to wait.
To say anyone was wrong or right,
I guess that it depends,
but I think that if you're lovers
then you should start off as friends.
But now we've lost our friendship
and we've gone our separate ways.
I have learned to live without you
and I guess that I'm okay.
However I've forgotten
how to let my feelings show,
and if I'm still in love with you
I guess you'll never know

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