James Lewis

Rookie (August 19,1975 / Newark, NJ)

Hokus Strokus - Poem by James Lewis

Call me the magician pulling rabbits out my hat, that 13th Friday Jason Voorhees stabbin at your cat,
with hocus strokus powers as I use my magic wand, while upbeat melodies are sprinkled to a sadder song.

Got oral capabilities to make you scream for God, just wrap your legs around my love of flesh and made as hard,
as concrete in the city jungle, let me splash and rain, with multiplistic pleasures only you will ascertain.

The body of a goddess hottest motions we'll divide, with feelings warmer than the hottest ocean when inside,
your core of molten lava java with a dropp of milk, your nectar sweet as sugar woman, not a dropp I'd spill.

We're swimming in the heavens you and I collide as one, the brownest colors sparkle when your eyes align the sun,
for I'm your Mr. Wizard but our show aint for TV, it's not for K-I-Ds the grown and onlyest is we.

I know that you are captivated by my strokus spell, your chances of escape are like a snowball's chance in h31l,
your cool demeanor melts so fast into a running stream, my tongue will lap your essence up, a vivid stunning dream.

The ghetto Harry Potter but I will not make a flick, unless we're filming cunnilingus, lemme take a lick,
then afterwhich I'll stamp you like an envelope in jail, the magic spells I cast will do much more than open mail.

In fact extinguish all the lights, upon your walls I'll write, graffiti in Tahiti, we will bounce and ball all night,
because I'm a magician known for tricks and slight of hand, I don't invest illusion, yes I am the rightest man.

Before I end this baby I will get down on my knee, and pledge undying love to you for all the years I breathe,
it's more than just the magic of the stroke that drives you wild, don't ask me how I do it, it's the hokus strokus style.

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