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Hypocrisy - Poem by samer manzoor

Hypocrites (you and me)

Yes my cries are not much louder than you
Yes my tears are not flawy like you
There's a beauty in your bodies that I can't own
There's a glamour in your soul that I can't owe
Your voice have pitch that blazed the globe
Your blood have power to shake the lobe
There's a torn reality of my propagated past
There's a shattered history of my dignified cast
Yes I'm not much illegible to deny that fact
Yes I'm not much clever
To solve with tact
I'm a terrorist and I have to die each day
I'm a bloody soul and lived in each Muslim clay
Yes I'm dishonest to each and every bay
Yes I'm damn shit that deserved to put away
My tears and cries can't hit the doors of riches
My screams lost it pitch to struck the Traffics
I'm born with reality to live in oppression
I live with clarity to die in aggression
My soul is shattered and exist not to react
Whether I die in Palestine labenan or Egypt
I'm a Muslim that tagged to be inhuman
My blood my body my beats are all un shorn
My Muslim brothers even feel sorry for you
But my heavy cries couldn't make them sue
I'm born to die each day and each hour
I live to collect the hatred of each living star
I'm a terrorist and that's my legal identity
And it's your right to catch me and end up with brutality
By killing me you would be regarded peace winner
By torturing me you would be proud gainer
Go ahead and tackle with each Muslim souls
So that our blood could relief your moles

Topic(s) of this poem: hypocrisy

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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