LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

Rookie (22-JUNE-1989 / RIVERLEA, JOHANNESBERG, South Africa)

'I Am Pain' - Poem by LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

Who am I, you ask my name.
Pain is love, and I am pain_

I can be a pain in the butt,
A pain in the heart,
A pain from a scar,
Or loved ones torn apart_

I'm the horrible end, after your best start,
I leave you bleeding, I'm not a stretch mark.
No, like it_

Doctors try to treat me.
Family tries to fix me.
I hit you where it hurts,
and that's where it hits me.

Nothing can break me,
And although you hate me,
You learn from me...
Because you can't escape me.

Psychologist analyze me,
Suicidal one still tries me,
Others are ashamed so they hide me_

But I'm still there,
When you try not to care,
You need more drive than a bus...
Because life isn't fare_

I come as a scare,
though you shouldn't be surprised.
I always come around,
And they see me behind your eyes.

Some cover me up with drugs.
Sometimes even love.
Yet you still fall to pieces,
When you showered with kisses and hugs.

Pain is love, and love is pain.
Guess which am I,
because we aren't the same.

And every time you turn,
Problems always getting bigger.
You can taste you own blood,
Nothing has ever taste this sweeter.
So you cloud me with smoke,
Till you even drown me in the liquor.
You feel the fire and the burn,
Frames of flames in the picture...

Cover me with paint of cocaine,
Who am I, come on you know my name.

Some try to cure me by getting rich.
Truth is though, I can never be fixed.
So you can come up with unhealthy tricks...
I make you sick to your stomach,
Till your feelings start to mix.

You do all types of sins,
trying to take me away.
But its eating at your life, Day by day...

You might die soon,
chasing what you shouldn't.
Till you take your own life,
When most think you wouldn't.

You can't bare me, or endure me.
Try to cure me, but you're me.
And when some feel my rath,
I won't go away by just saying 'Sorry'_

Who am I, you ask again.
I'm your enemy, even your bestfriend...

I live by chance in your memories,
You avoid me but you suffer.
By the hand of friends and enemies,
Sometimes even a lover_
You reach a point of a dead end.
Like your life is in my hand.
I'll be with you in your death bed,
All the way Right till the end.

Who am I, to put it simple and plain.
I am despair, other known as pain.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Pain manifested into a person.

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