I Bleed! Poem by Mamata Bhatt

I Bleed!

Rating: 4.9

I am a woman and I bleed,
I bleed every month for four/five days,
A few days back I bled and got stain in my kurta,
I was a little bit scared because it was not my home but school I teach,
I immediately went to bathroom,
Called Prinsa to bring my bag so that I could use my pad,
My eyes ran as hyperloop to find soap so the stain would erase,
I applied soap in my kurta carefully not to wet other part of kurta immediately, and seeing stain gone I became happier,
I went to staff room said the coordinator, 'I needed ten minutes, '
He said, ' why? ' I found it little bit rude,
I felt like why he didn't get it,
But how would he get if I didn't tell him?
I took rest,
He came few minutes later,
I thought It's too early,
I was even worried if someone spying me through video,
I checked whether my suit got dried,
I couldn't go to the class; the students oh no! no!
I said I needed more time,
'Ok five, then come to the class, ' he said.
I checked whether the kurta had dried,
I was hesitant little bit, then I went with confidence.

I Bleed!
Okim Otu 26 July 2022

Nicely narrated.

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Mamata Bhatt 27 July 2022

Thank you Okim for reading it.

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Anil Kumar Panda 26 July 2022

Really it is a very difficult/odd situation for girls and women. You have highlighted the situation very aptly in this poem. Very nicely crafted. Great share.

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Amber Piercy 29 July 2022

Very good poem. Great job on this one girl.

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Mamata Bhatt 29 July 2022

Thank you Amber.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 July 2022

A n amazing poem of reality in a woman's life and thanks how they manage things so skillfully.

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It feels painful from scratch but while you bleed three months a long that would be a causal . It was such nice narrative poem.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 26 July 2022

Wonderful I have told many times not to write about this subject. You have the eggs to do so

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Mamata Bhatt 27 July 2022

Thank you ??

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Part 5. The bleeding on the monthly periods is nothing, provided you do not bleed of you boldness, your positive outlook and your eagerness to live a life of your own. All the best, Mamata.

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