angeline snowboy

I Couldn'T Take It Anymore.. - Poem by angeline snowboy

I couldn't take it anymore..

I heard a car, I run and hide
looking at the scar, knowing he knows I lied
I look at my mom, she says 'go to ur room! '
as I sat at the corner, kids my lifes horror

I heard mommy screaming out loud
he came to my room and shout
I tried to hold back the tears
but still he knows my fears

I tried to head for the door
until he grabbed my arm and threw me down the floor
I screamed and cried
thinking 'Oh God I tried! '

my daddys mean and mad, Oh Lord did I do something bad?
I did the laundry, cleaned the dishes, but still I have these bruises
I listened in school, everybody thinks im a fool
he said 'go to bed! dont come out or else ill scream and shout! '

I closed my eyes and began to pray
'Oh God why does this happen every single day? '
I lay in bed, knowing my arms stopped bleeding
I look outside seeing all the happy kids

playing and laughing, enjoying their lifes
they dont know me or daddys mad
I lay back down and knowing i cant frown
im only four and i cant stand this anymore

I heard mommy cry and daddy out the door
he must be gone drinking and my heart stopped racing
my mommy came to my room and said
'Oh darling, look at what he did! '

she took my arm and kissed it
only if my daddy was only this senstive
I said to her 'mommy? can't we move away from daddy? '
but she said no and heard daddys voice

I thought he left out for drinking, then my heart started racing
I was scared and alone, he took her to their room
closed my eyes and said

he opened the door with mommy on the floor
he said 'what did you said? ! come here you little BRAT! '
and so this is the end,
my name is Carla im four and I couldnt take it anymore

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 24, 2009

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