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I Feel Like Dying. - Poem by Emily Reid

I feel like crying, I feel like dieing, why won’t this
feeling, just go away?
Why did it even come to me today? Why do I always feel
this way?
I’m so depressed every single day. Yeah it sucks, but
I’ve just learned to deal, because Im just gunna feel
the same, every other day. So please someone, just do
me a favor and take my life away. Take it away from me.
I seem to be bothering every one else with my problems
as well.
I want to run away, run away from my problems, ill run
to the hills. No one would go looking for me because no
one would notice or care I was gone, and I will be gone
for so very long.
Im sure after a while they’ll notice, but they
still wont care, they’ll just go back to their
daily things, cuz it will be just another normal day,
but not for me.
Knowing no one cares about me or my
“issues” as you “other people” would call them,
makes me feel so insecure, I just want someone to
care, and I don’t care whom, it could even be you.
I just want the feeling of being loved.
I want the feeling someone cares.
This feeling everyone has except me, god it’s so unfair!
Why can’t I be loved? Why doesn’t anybody watch me from above?
I have no angels to watch over me, for if I did I
wouldn’t be slowly dieing every day.
My emotions are killing me from the inside out, please;
I need someone’s help. Im reaching out, but everyone
just pushed my hand away. No one wants to help
the “crazy girl”; no one wants anything to do with me.
So I guess this is the end, the end of me.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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