I Look Up To You Garrett Poem by Marilee Morley

I Look Up To You Garrett

As I look up to you
I see daddy in you more and more
I'm glad you found me
And I'm glad I have you back
But the I'm glad about is you think of me
You think of me as I was their all the time
And you don't treat me like a little child
I love you and forever always will
No matter what comes this way
I hope to know you better later on
And I hope for you to know me more to
I just want to be close to you really close
And I hope to spend time with you
I've been going through a lot
And when you were gone
Because of my mother
It tore me I hated her
But I wish for us to have a great time
Get to know one another
And to help each other through hard times
And to help when one is down
I want to be a sister to you
Like I'm not to my other brothers
I'm not that close them
But I wish to be with you
I love you and I always will now and forever

I love you big brother
That will never change

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