Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

I’m A Fool - Poem by Justin Reamer

I am a fool, and this I will admit,
For I am enamoured with you,
And I do not know why,
But you, my friend, are
The most beautiful woman in the world to me,
And I cannot help but look at you and smile
Because you are wonderful, kind, and compassionate,
And no one else is like you in this world.

I see your blond hair as it flows down your shoulders,
Showing its bright brilliance and beauty,
Teaching the torches to burn bright as it sways
And moves with every step that you take,
Quivering like a flame in a bonfire.
It makes the sun envious,
For your hair burns brighter than it does,
Showing everyone who sees it
Just how special, gorgeous, and unique you are,
For it radiates brighter than the great ball in the sky,
That Helios would be jealous to see,
And that Ra would want to destroy,
But God made it—the long locks of strings—
To be beautiful and to be marveled at,
And He made you to be loved,
For you are greater than the sun,
Even as it envies you for your attention.

Your eyes are a deep blue,
Like an ocean, filled with love and peace,
Kindness, happiness, and joy,
And, yet, your irises are a perfect kaleidoscope
Of blue and green,
Containing many shades—
Blue, indigo, cerulean, aqua, periwinkle,
Light blue, baby blue, navy blue,
Midnight, independence,
Green, harlequin, viridian,
Chartreuse, honeydew, forest green,
Pistachio, Islamic green, and evergreen—
All combined into one,
Making your irises sparkle
Like a rainbow every time
A smile crosses your face,
Revealing the very portals of your soul.

Your eyes contain feeling and emotion,
That they illustrate your face completely,
Making you all the more extravagant and gorgeous.
They reveal your happiness when you smile,
Making your face seem brighter than
Everything else in the room,
Making you seem more wonderful
Than any celebrity that the world has.
When you’re sad, they turn a deep shade of blue,
Having the color of water on the lake,
Accompanying your tears,
Thus making everyone who sees you feel moved
To comfort you, no matter what.
When you’re angry, your eyes become a deep green,
And vibrate with intensity no one has ever seen,
Making you seem fierce.
But you are slow to anger,
And your happiness radiates within you,
So your eyes show all the depth of knowledge,
Wisdom, understanding, empathy, and compassion
That you were blessed with,
For God gave it you for a reason.

Your smile is extraordinary,
For your teeth appear to be luminescent,
Having their own light source,
Bringing hope, love, and warmth
To a dark room or in a time of despair.
Your smile is contagious,
And your laugh is adorable.
Anyone who sees you smile cannot help
But smile in return because
That smile contains so much warmth and acceptance.
Anyone who sees you laugh cannot help
But laugh in return because
Your laugh is genuine,
Coming deep from the heart whence it came,
Where kindness always exists.
And when I see that smile,
I smile, too, and when
I hear you laugh, I cannot help but
Laugh also because your laugh
Is really adorable, genuine, and unique.

Your talents are extraordinary,
Writing poetry of the greatest nature,
That gives images and feelings like no one
Can ever compare to,
For you are like Emily Dickinson
And Sylvia Plath combined into one great writer,
For you are very special in that way.
You are a great artist,
Creating paintings like photographs,
Making them seem lifelike,
And a great photographer you are,
For you are able to take the right picture
At the right moment and display it to everyone.

You are a great musician,
For you play guitar well,
And your voice is beautiful,
Incomparable to anyone famous,
For you yourself should be famous,
Because your voice is natural,
And you are beautiful yourself.
With your voice, ‘Merry Had a Little Lamb’
Would sound like the most beautiful
Melody in the world,
For it is that great.

You are also very intelligent,
Knowing many facts and many answers,
Being able to answer them on the spot,
And you are quick-witted,
Knowing the right thing to say
At the right time,
And you give everything the
Right amount of jocularity,
So the pun can come across well.

You are also wise,
For you know the world around you,
And you understand people
And make good decisions on your own,
And your responsibility has led you
To great places because you
Work very hard and make good decisions
In general.

Yet, you also know how to have fun,
For I remember seeing you on the dance floor,
And you were bouncing all around,
Prancing and frolicking,
Laughing and smiling,
Your energy is magnificent,
For it made me smile.
I am an introvert,
But seeing you be able to dance
Without any hesitation
Makes me smile because I love
The vivacity I see in you,
For it makes you special and unique,
More lovable and adorable than
Anyone I have ever met before.

You are compassionate,
For you understand people’s emotions,
As you are very empathetic and selfless,
Doing whatever you can to comfort your friends
Whenever they are in need,
And you want them to be happy,
And you show love to everyone,
No matter how hard it may be,
Because God blessed you with a good heart,
And you use that heart to help other people
No matter what.

I see it in you,
And I cannot help but think what a kind
Person you are,
For no one has shown so much compassion but you,
And no one has accepted anyone for
Who they are as much as you have,
For you warm up people’s days,
And you know how to make them happier,
Which is a good trait to have.

You are also pious, and you love
God with all of your heart,
For He is present in you,
And His love radiates from within you,
And you show it to everyone,
No matter what.
You try to be Christlike,
And your faith is strong,
And no one can ever show such beauty,
Such purity and piety
Than what I have seen in you.
Your prudence makes you remarkable,
And your purity makes you magnificent,
Making you the most beautiful woman in the world.

And yet, you also love the outdoors,
Camping in the middle of a forest,
Backpacking across rough terrain on the Rocky Mountains,
Canoeing down a calm river,
Kayaking in rapids,
Hiking through a beautiful forest,
Taking a stroll through the jungle,
Biking up and down hills consistently,
Swimming in the beautiful Great Lakes,
And noticing Nature for what it is,
God’s great creation.
It’s remarkable that you love it,
For I love it, too,
And it’s great to me.

But, really, my friend,
I want you to know that I love you,
For you are the most beautiful woman
In the world to me,
And no matter what happens,
I will never stop loving you.
I am willing to give everything to you,
Just so that you can be happy,
For you yourself are what matters to me,
Not my own pride nor my own desires.
Whatever makes you happy is what is best for me.
You do not have to love me,
For even if you were with another man,
And if he made you happy,
I would be happy for you
Because your happiness is important to me.

But, if I were to be with you,
I would make sure that our Christmases would be great,
Our Valentine’s Days greater,
Our Easters wonderful,
And our time together, overall,
The most wonderful in the world.
If you ever needed someone to listen,
I would be there for you,
Sitting patiently and calmly,
Listening to you vent your emotions,
Because I care about you,
And I hate to see you hurt.

I would be your crying shoulder
If you ever needed to cry,
Because I want to comfort you
If you ever felt that you needed someone
There for you.
I would laugh with you when times
Were great because a laugh a day
Always makes us live a little longer,
And I would cherish that moment
Every day of my life.
I would take you to dances,
And dance with you,
Take you to movies,
If you wanted to,
And go camping with you,
If you wanted to,
And watch the sunset on
Mighty old Lake Michigan,
Who has been with us for so long
That it’s unbelievable.

But really, I would do what you want to do,
For your desires are more important than mine,
And making sure that you are happy is
Important to me,
And I am willing to do whatever it takes to
Make sure that it happens.
Because honestly, I love seeing you smile
Because those grins that you have,
As beautiful as they are,
Make me happier than I ever am,
For they light up my day
With the radiance they present.
And I want you to keep on smiling,
And whatever form that takes,
I am okay with it.

Honestly, I know I am a fool,
Because I know you will never feel that
Way about me,
But I have loved you and cared for you
Ever since I first met you,
And I have loved you ever since.
And you may not ever requite my love,
But I’m okay with that
Because I want you to be happy,
Which is most important to me.

If you meet another man besides me,
I would be happy for you
Because I know that you are happy,
And if you went in another direction in life
That made you happy,
I would be happy for you, too,
For I know you would always
Be smiling day in and day out.
And this is what matters.

My friend, I love you with all of my heart,
And I will never stop loving you
Because you are special to me,
And to me, you are the most
Beautiful woman in the world,
But you deserve the best man
The world has to offer,
And whoever he is,
Whether he is me or someone else,
He will be great for you,
And I know you will be happy with him.
And it doesn’t matter if it’s me or someone else,
But I will always love you and be happy for you
No matter what,
Because your smile, your friendship,
And your love are what light up my days always.
I am glad that you can find happiness,
And I hope all goes well for you.
May God bless you in all that you do,
For you are the greatest friend I ever had,
And stop loving you, I shall never do,
But your happiness matters most to me.
May God bless you,
And may you always be happy.

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