Noah Body

I'M A Live Wire - Poem by Noah Body

I'm a live wire
Full of impatience
Frustration rules the roost
The anger boils inside

Bite my tongue,
don't lash out
Don't yell and scream
Stifle it,
breathe, breathe deep

A live downed wire
laying in the street
hissing and jumping
waiting to grab
anyone who passes by
to burn and maime

At the edge of the cliff
stand or jump,
leap and fly
or crash and burn
one step either way
and it's all doomsday

they've gotta leave me alone
I can't take anymore
I'm raw and bleeding
like raw ground meat
a wounded deer

I can't take anymore
i hurt, I steam
i rant, i rave
A raver, that's what i am
From the Lord of the Rings
I'm a raver.

darkness, pain and toil
I can't take any more
Anger wells, irate and insane
At the end of the rope
No knots to grab hold of
Slipping away, gonna explode
gonna implode,

just can't can't do it anymore
the anger is rearing,
it's out of control
raises it's head,
the fire burns ever stronger

Bright and sharp,
it hurts and tears
it's gonna make me explode
boom! They'll all hate me
hatred and anger,
what a team

Leave me alone, oh please leave me alone
you've been warned. I'm walking a fine line
once i can't help if I cross
I'm trying, ever so hard, trying to stay
on the sane side of the line
don't push me, don't pull me
leave me be and I'll be back
but for god's sake, your sake, my sake
leave me alone

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

February 11,2009 - a short circuiting manic spell

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