I Shall Return Poem by Claude McKay

I Shall Return

Rating: 3.5

I shall return again; I shall return
To laugh and love and watch with wonder-eyes
At golden noon the forest fires burn,
Wafting their blue-black smoke to sapphire skies.
I shall return to loiter by the streams
That bathe the brown blades of the bending grasses,
And realize once more my thousand dreams
Of waters rushing down the mountain passes.
I shall return to hear the fiddle and fife
Of village dances, dear delicious tunes
That stir the hidden depths of native life,
Stray melodies of dim remembered runes.
I shall return, I shall return again,
To ease my mind of long, long years of pain.

cynthia williams 03 January 2010

It appears that the poet Claude McKay is depicting an individual who has long been in a state of despair and possibly a state of depression in the sence that the individual has been void of laughter, love, a desire to dream/aspire, or merely enjoy so many of the wonderful creations around us in every day life. However it seems he does have one very profound desire for one thing, which is to return to a place where he is free of this long lasting pain he has endured.

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Grace Clarke 23 July 2014

The poet has a longing or yearning to return to his native country. He reflects on the good times he had with his loved ones watching the forest fires burn, loitering by the streams, participating in native village rituals, like listening to music and dancing. Living in a foreign country he yearned for the things he left behind. The only way to ease the pain of that longing is to return this his native land to relive the things that shaped his life. Things tthat made him who he is. Its a feeling you can identify with only if you have experienced it. The last two lines drive home the point. I shall return, I shall return again, to ease my mind of long long years of pain

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Francis Tutu 17 December 2009

Very meaningful words, especially the last two lines.10 points

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Margaret Mckennon 05 October 2009

Absolutely brilliant.

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Clayton Murule 23 July 2021

I really love this poem. Admire the work

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Elaine Delphonse 28 June 2021

I love this poem! It reminds me of my childhood days back in Jamaica! !

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abrahim 06 April 2021


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CGL 16 March 2021

this poem was sending me to heaven but when reality told me im still in school and pay attention it bring me back down to school sucks really know how to take away the beauty

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Rina 19 February 2021

Im having a panic attack this poem is beautful but school takes the beauty away from it

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vines 07 March 2021


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