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I Sit By The Window

Rating: 3.6

I said fate plays a game without a score,
and who needs fish if you've got caviar?
The triumph of the Gothic style would come to pass
and turn you on--no need for coke, or grass.
I sit by the window. Outside, an aspen.
When I loved, I loved deeply. It wasn't often.

I said the forest's only part of a tree.
Who needs the whole girl if you've got her knee?
Sick of the dust raised by the modern era,

the Russian eye would rest on an Estonian spire.
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Sinikka Buckley 23 April 2018

Very happy to be able to read this poem by Brodsky in English.

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Karine St 12 August 2017

It shoud be 'The bulb looks at the FLOOR in fear', not flower

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Kay Staley 26 March 2015

The last two lines are my favorite. The rhyme scheme seemingly odd but yet enjoyable...this poem seems like it would be a hard style to replicate and a hard style to write in. A classical twist on portraying a character through their actions and evaluations of random particles of life.

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Karine St 12 August 2017

Actually, these two lines don't agree with the original. In the original it's 'I am sitting in the darkness and the darkness inside the room is not worse than outside'.

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