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Ii Remember But Do Yuu? ? ? - Poem by sxc babe xxx

ii remember the funny times
ii remember the baddd too
ii remember wat yuu was like

but doo yuu remember
doo yuu remember me? ?
doo yuu remember wat yuu once said to me

ii remember yuu said yuu loved me
ii remember when yuu said ill always be here
ii remember these things but doo yuu? ? ?

doo yuu remember the first time the cops chased uss ont he motor bike
doo yuu remember the time we stayed upp and mum yelled at yuu
doo yuu remember the times yuu realy cared about me? ?

ii remember all these times
ii remember all the memories
ii remember the day yuu became a memorie

dooo remember its 5 years ago this year
doo yuu remember that it was yuu that left
doo yuu remember when yuu told me ii was a skank

ii remember ii cried all night
ii remember ii tried too ring to talk too yuu but yuu would only hang upp...
ii hate that yuu only alow yuu too stay a memorie to me
when yuu said yuu loved me when yuu said yuu would never leave

ii remember all these things but...... doo yuu remember anything? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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