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Illusions - Poem by mistery person

The fireworks grow silent
Back ground music
As pairs of glowing eyes stare,
Watch as snakes slither by
Their diamond heads focusing
Straining to move faster
The pile of rodents seemed to call
Whisper gently in the sudden
The snakes hesitated
Then no longer
Sinking their fangs into the soft flesh

Gold shimmered around the
Snakes as they left the ground
The gold light strengthened
And shone brighter, till it
Consumed the snakes

Some of the eyes
That couldnt tear themselves away
Were blinded
The pupils becoming so small
All that was left was the pigment
Sky blue
Sea green
Warm brown
Solemn black
The light went away
Skeletons dropped
The silence unbearable.
When the cry came forward
The eyes that still had sight darted
Around till they landed on the source
A small creature
Unlike another
Lay there dying
Its pure white coat was
Tinged with scarlet
Its small horns
Its gaze, dead
Eyes the color of
Every beautiful moments
In each persons life
The face of God himself
We dont dare move
Feet rooted to the ground
By fear
The screams ended
So suddenly it
Was as if it never happened
Bu the echo of the
Screams still rang in
Everyone's ears

The body sank into the ground
In its place grew an
Orchid tree

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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