Imani Cezanne- Heels Poem by Jessica Greyhaus

Imani Cezanne- Heels

This is for the man who asked me
why i wear heels
If i'm already so tall.
And for the date who asked me
To change my shoes
because my height made him uncomfortable.
And for the idiot who asked how tall i was
and then proceeded to explain that
it was only okay that i be taller than him now
because he'd be taller than me when he bent me over.
Since you had you had your turn with your questions,
I have a few questions of my own,
if that's okay.
Why don't you believe in pedicures?
Why don't you use punctuation
in your text messages?
Who told you that standing next to a tall woman, would make your dick shrink?

Don't come for me,
I hurt feelings.
Where are the grown ass men?
The men who won't piss their pants
at the sight of 5-inch heels?
The men
who will crawl up a woman
to get where the gettin is good?
I wear heels because i'm grown.
No "if's" "ands" or "buts",
No questions, comments or concerns.
But if you MUST know.
I wear heels because i'm pretty.
because i'm scopin' the crowd
like a lighthouse.
And i am stepping on people i can't see

I wear heels because it's useless to cater to the insecure.
You think people won't notice you?
You should shine brighter.
You should get more special
You should love yourself enough to not let a woman in heels
Emasculate you
Get your life
Dig your manhood out your guts
Go back to the day you buried it alive
A premature time capsule
Because someone told you you could never reach the stars this way
You can reach the stars this way
Because the same people told me
women, like children, should be seen,
not looked up to.
Do everything you can to make yourself smaller.
Well, I've done everything I can to make myself smaller

But listen,
Shrinking don't come easy to us giants
You can't teach height, boo
It's a gift
Given only to those worthy of living above the average
We who can love ourselves enough
to not let a man with issues
validate us.
I'm big for a reason
I'm a size to be seen
I am a prize,
My heels are my pedestal,
and you, you have just lost.

Friday, March 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: feminism
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