Glen Miller

Immortality - Poem by Glen Miller

The boy-his demons
Never faced.
He sought to challenge
Death's great place.

He cast down wisdom,
Overcame fear,
To hunt down Death:
To lure it here.

His path was noble,
But corruption
Led ultimately
To self-destruction.

In my eyes
He did no wrong,
Though the signs were clear
All along.

To betray him,
I could not do.
But part of me
Wanted to.

Looking back,
He should have died
Numerous times
In his life.

Drugs and beer
Knocked him on his ass,
But he stood strong,
Determined to last.

I was convinced
He could not die:
That Death could not
End his life.

That Heaven and Hell
Could not defeat him,
That the light in the tunnel
Had become too dim.

But there's a fate
Far worse than Death,
A state of living,
Forcing breaths.

His gambit had cost him
Way too much
For his life to survive
The abuse of such stuff.

He prooved to me
He was right:
Death's hand in life
Is only slight.

He won his bet,
But paid a price:
He had rolled the dice
Too many times.

I stand now
By his side,
No life left in him,
No, not a sign.

I hold in my hand
His key to life,
A cord that's led
To feud and trife.

But all I can do
Is leave it be,
For not even I
Can steal his immortality.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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