Incognito - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Sitting in the cut
Checking out all those watching me strut
I know you have your own ideas of who I am
Best believe you know nothing about me.
What you see is what I give you
You're not that deep.
Only very few can make into the depths of my persona.
Instead of asking,
People create a suggestion from what they hear and conceive, for they do not know the real me.
“I know what you are about”
“I know how you do”.
This is what has been said but... where did you get your information where you can form your own design of me?
Trust you can’t get that deep.
The essence of me is so complex you’ll have epiphany’s of me if I let you in.
Yes it’s that profound.
Negative abstraction on my character are based on the fact, knowledge is absent so... you mad,
Slandering my name trying to make me look less than you, please I can never get that low.
Here say he say she says causes you say...What? Nothing...
It's funny you have me so twisted the colors you created of me are confusing you.
I come with light blinding the darkness in your feeble mind, making you reevaluate your viewpoints.
See the truth is,
I give what is needed based on what is deserving.
You know nothing; therefore what you believe is Apostasy.
Say my name with love; you will receive blessings, enhancing your intelligence.
Yes it’s that deep.
Interpretations from my articulation is defined in how your mind is set.
A few don’t like me
Some may love me
Others are confused on what to do with me
The fact remains, before assumptions become fictitious conclusion about this woman,
Make sure your facts are straight and precise, if not,
Off the floor you will be picking up pieces of your face.
Iam the beast people love to hate
I am that rooted.


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 2, 2015

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