Intolerance - Poem by RAJ VIKRAM

Indelible images in the mind
makes one to mutter
or wax eloquent about
what is right or wrong
or what is perceived
as right or wrong.

There are no clean slates
in anyone's minds except
in those infantile days
which constitute infinitesimally
little time in one's existence.

Reactions come forth
from the minds jettisoned by
experiences of all forms.
Minds maimed by the currents
prevailing around it react in
myriad dimensions.

Tolerance is relative
there is nothing rational or
irrational about it,
only the invisible indebtedness
to one's perceptions.

Predilections are predators
which bar one's sensibilities
and imprison the being
forever in the hole of
compromised existence.

Tolerance of one's being
is the ultimate challenge
And to liberate oneself from
perceptions and of course
precepts of right or wrong.

The battles in the mind
make or mar a being's
sensitivity to what prevails around
Beyond the realms of right
or wrong there has to be a place.

Erasing what experiences
slyly write in the slate of
one's being is an arduous task
and it carries in it seeds
of self annihilation.

Tolerate the imponderables
in the recesses of mind
and then complain about
intolerances around
A paradox that defies answers
Just like this existence.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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