Elizabeth Shield

It's Almost Fall Again - Poem by Elizabeth Shield

'It's almost fall again, ' I say
'summer is almost over.' we
only have a few weeks left, but
I can't think of what to do
Whoever came up with
this stupid schedule should
have given us a few more weeks

'The harvest moon is up! ' I yell
'Come see, Come see! ! ' She runs
outside, but alas, the trees are
in the way, and all there is
to see is an orange halo, it's
beautiful, and a harbinger
of fall, and then after fall
will come my birthday

'The best time of year, ' I announce
'to me, is fall.' My mom asks
why that is so, and I can only
tell her about the red and
orange and yellow leaves
and the azure skies and
the white cottony clouds,
she understands, I know

'Aaaghh! Nooo! ' I scream
'Don't steal my inner tube! '
We are swimming at the pool,
because it's still summer, I think,
Fall starts on September 23,
or at least, thats what google and
the I.A.U. told me, even though
to me fall should start in August

'August, It seems so...' I think
'Orange, August is an orange word.'
When I hear August, I think orange
Then I think leaves, and then I think
pumpkins, but Augustus makes me
think of cold marble pillars, in
dusty art galleries, dont get me
wrong, I love art, but Augustus
is a cold, polished white pillar
in a dust old art gallery, somewhere

'October, reminds me...' I'm on a roll now
'Of the ideal fall days, and cold nights.'
Do you know what the ideal fall day is?
Of course not! Its a windy day, where
the leaves are blowing around on the
ground, and the sky is blue blue blue
with puffy white clouds, and the sun
crowns the glory with a warm, dappled
light, ahhh october, you are truly blest

'Oops! ' I think I skipped one,
'September is schooltime.'
A joy and a sadness, a blessing
and a curse, that september, it's
very bipolar, but who doesn't love,
the first few days of school? You
see your friends again, and meet
some new people, and quickly,
you learn which teachers NOT
to have, and you get lost, most
likely, you get lost, that's what
school is all about, and September,
as it happens, is mostly about school

'November...' I sigh this one
'Is about birthdays and rain.'
November is a rather dreary month,
I shouldn't say that, but I KNOW,
Happily, though, it has a lot of breaks,
from school that is, and it also has some
ideal october days, but mostly, what it
has are ideal November days, which are
cold and rainy and force you to stay,
inside, warm and cosy, in front of a
fire, playing board games with friends
As for the birthdays, there are two that
I remember, those being mine, yay,
and my freind's, I turn 16 this year,
I'm hoping for a wonderful birthday

'December...' Another sigh
'Marks the end of fall.' But not
until the month is almost through,
strangely enough, winter starts on
the 21st, but that really makes no
sense to me, since, it will most
likely start snowing long before then,
really, I wonder who comes up with these
things, but I guess winter always comes
early here, and I can't say I hate that,
there are so many things to anticipate,
like skiing and christmas markets,
school gets out, you know how it is
winter truly is a wonderful season

' I would continue ' I trail off
' But I have no reason.' I have
no great love of Spring and Summer
Spring, yess, and before that New Years,
and after that spring break, and then
comes summer with the stifling heat
and the release of school, even though
here, you dont get out until June, which
is crazy in itself, as if we would concentrate
after the month of May, its outrageous
even to consider it, so no, I will not
bother with summer and spring

'Who cares, ' I say happily
'It's almost fall again.' I smile
Every other season bows to Fall
I think that's almost an oxymoron,
I'm hilarious, I know it, I really try,
but fall really is the best and
I think I'll stop my rant now, I'll be
quite busy you know, preparing for
school and waiting for Fall, because
I really, REALLY love Fall

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