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Judged: Not Guilty - Poem by Rebecca Pepper

She doesn't understand the mistake she made
This time she took it too far and now she must fade
I told her again and again the game she plays is wrong
But I didn't realise that she was truly so far gone

She kept asking me why, why it was only one little lie
Her face, dear god, I couldn't take it anymore I couldn't not cry
So innocent and naïve; did she really not realise what she did
She looks so worried like I am going to hurt, innocent little kid

I can't let them take her; I hope that you can find her soul
After all I won't be there to help pay her soul's toll
I know many will see her as a monster but I hope she loves
I hope that one day she realises that im watching from above

A life for a life that is how this society works today
I couldn't help her, save her in any other way
I will take her place its all I can think of to do
I hope you forgive me because I entrust her to you

I ask that you teach her better because it seems I failed
I hate to leave but it seems its time for my ship to set sail
Just not in a way that I was expecting it to embark
Now it seems this torture begins at the signal of the lark

So when the morning sun rises after my demise
I want you to tell her the truth she need no more lies
Tell her that my eyes bleed for her but I do care
And her punishment is the one only I shall bear

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem has a second part to it called Judged: Guilty. I'm not really sure what I was thinkng when I wrote these and I've not really tried to write two linked poems before seens as my poems are mostly random but I hope you like it. The other poem is about the guilty persons view.

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