R. Glenn Disney

Just Pour The Coffee And Go Away

Pulled off 57 at a dusty cafe
Traveled all night 'cause I couldn't sleep
This is only a slight delay
My mind a flood and the water's deep
I'd explain it all but can't right now
Leaving seems right somehow

The kids are grown and on their own
When I'm settled I'll give them a call
Explaining things I must postpone
Considering it better protocol
By now the office is starting to stir
Didn't call in, ignored procedure

Breakfast? she asked, No, gracias
Do you have a paper?
Eagle Pass or Piedras?
Which do you prefer?
I'll need that one, crossing over in an hour
She smiled, was cute, and adjusted her flower

But I looked outside, avoiding conversation
Just pour some coffee, I'll be on my way.
Someone whined, 'The eggs are overdone'
She turned and retorted, 'You're not a gourmet! '
I laughed to myself as the man sunk low
I wish I'd known her twenty years ago

But those were days of work and zeal
Self-important and no time share
Or grant love or apologies to heal
Deluded I ran into quiet disrepair
Now safely across Bravo del Norte
I glanced back at Texas and the cafe

In Piedras Negas I got a cheap room
Not certain of just how long
Before instructions came and not to assume
My taking the job was wrong
I stepped out the motel, new day, new life
After packing my '45, and Randall knife

Dirty-faced kids begging, 'déme peso! '
And a vagrant's lost look fortified my resolve
To stay the course planned years ago
At clandestine meetings to involve
The common man's rise from many desponds
Dissolving once more the political bonds

But hardly could Jefferson ever conceive
How far his nation would stray
By superfluous laws they succeed to deceive
'To protect us, ' so they say
I thanked the driver, payed him a day's wage
Returning my thoughts to bridled rage

At town's edge I sat down to rest
Waiting for a few to arrive
Recalling the growing protest
When I was twenty-five
The sun was just setting, sweat stung my eye
A nation rotted, I saw the first blowfly

Two miles away I watched the dust rise
They had apparently kept their word
Should the scheme suffer no compromise
Revolution thunder remained unheard
As cars drew near I would contemplate
Should it fail, the severity of our fate

It had gotten so bad in the land of the free
And most preferred to capitulate
But a few of us stained with Boston tea
Resisted the trend to advocate
Government's smothering guised protection
Choking freedom with tumorous legislation

Compassion-propaganda, perhaps an epigram
Legislated in various form
To show that no one loves you more than Uncle Sam
If, to more laws you'll conform
Invented fees, insurance and taxes you understand
Just to open a hot dog stand

Give them sports, easy credit and all the beer they can drink
The powers came to perceive
If they just work and play and seldom think
More deeply than games and TV
Freedom will fade, their Constitution grow dim
They'll consent to all laws heaped upon them

Through crisis and war rumors they extracted much fear
And justified total control
Over sleepy citizens pleased to not interfere
In exchange for flattering cajole
From judges and lawyers turned politicians, wherefore?
To exist and move money as the corporate whore.

The first car skidded and out of the dust
Stood a tall bearded man I'd seen in photos
'General' as he was known and we were to trust
Leading insurgency and corrupt politicians to depose
Under guise to protect us they themselves became spies
Swapping freedom for security, predicted Franklin their lies

More cars emptied and in quiet exchange
Their greetings seemed to convey
Solidarity, dissent and certain to estrange
Their country in irrevocable decay
By donkeys' and elephants' pas de deux
Wallace was right, no difference between the two

Had the powers raped her quickly
The Constitution would still stand
But blind to the power of subtlety
The people preferred to reprimand
Those prophets who did foresee
This day and a few stained with Boston tea

To witness this great entourage
Realizing its design
Hammer down the empire's barrage
Its House and Senate so serpentine
Against common law and Common Sense
Disdaining Thomas Paine's evidence

That nature's simplicity should intertwine
Even government's evil necessity
Electing crooks was its design
For money they hid laws in complexity
And trickling down to every town
Fees and ordinances to fatten the Crown

The attendees grew, scurrying to provide
Raising tents, water stations, and all supplies
Federales stood guard 10 kilometers-wide
Their contribution prearranged, one may surmise
That our coup d'état assist Mexican redress
Avenge Hidalgo's Treaty signed under duress

But out of sight and out of mind
Manifest Destiny, America's quest
Imposed their God to be purblind
Stirring quiet peoples to much unrest
Then hasten in to democratize
Or Christianize, or other guise...

All waited for the first to speak
Uncertain of just who would preside
Creating an ambiance of nervous mystique
Nonetheless united, but reason to hide
That this would be locus in quo
To devise the demise of ex officio

Indeed all who bolsterd two parties corrupt
As on stage and a play they performed
For the people two choices, not to disrupt
Their deception of being informed
Nabobs of Congress vote to increase
Their own wages to the people's decrease

How did such blatant arrogance arise
In daylight the people approved
Speeches and flags to mezmorize
Orations grand but substance removed
Jingoism swelled their cause for war
'God bless us! ' they'd underscore
Angels shocked at their vertigo
Claiming Him they presumed to know

And should we consider crime in stride
From blood-ground children insist
Justice deferred is justice denied
Treatment! bewitches the psychiatrist
The Courts lean on experts’ advice
The Judge agrees, “ten years will suffice'

The Molester breathes a sigh of relief
Hiding his smirk as he's led away
Platitudes rehearsed the judge detours grief
Of shocked loved ones still in dismay
The lawyers, Doctor and Judge drive to Desde los Sheoles
It's a nice day for eighteen holes

Staring at the ceiling I watched the spider swing
An acobat to be shown
With endless web she did string
Her destination still unknown
As was this revolution delayed
'Eggs, toast and coffee, ' I answered the maid.

Poem Submitted: Saturday, June 2, 2007
Poem Edited: Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Comments about Just Pour The Coffee And Go Away by R. Glenn Disney

  • Patricia Gale (6/2/2007 6:27:00 PM)

    What a creative mind you have. Captivating work!

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  • Jade Leven (6/2/2007 3:04:00 PM)

    This is so creative! It's so cool how long it is. Great work.

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  • Scarlett Treat (6/2/2007 2:47:00 PM)

    WoW! What can I say....loved it...pulled in at first by the title...Welcome to PH, and I'll look forward to more? Soon? ? ? Scarlett

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