Vincent Cibelli

Justice & The Fair - Poem by Vincent Cibelli

It is fair to be born into wealth
But unfair for wealth to be born upon
It is fair to rob the poor of their sweat back
But unfair to rob the rich of their nail clippings
Ive read my books of the church and state
They can kill when backs upon them are turned
But to kill in their faces is treason
You could say, I can say I am for the underdog
The poor man hurting, the good man slaving
I am against the rich man sneaking the bad man beating
But congress is deaf to unwarrented please
Against their fair weather friends and deep pockets
The president a marionette on his dirty knees
In shadows I have dwelt revealing never concealing light
In light I have been accused and let loose
Pitied and despised by the fickle eyes of men
Profit turning business purpose is proper
Success is measured in the displacement of gold
Government succeeds in the silence of its masses
A man succeeds in his love or power
The more sacraficed the more honor, they say
First the lives, then maybe the ransom payed
Hitler and Stalin hated conscience thought and justice
The conservatives and liberals seem to be the same
Rebel, rebel, boycott, and rebel, burn for rebeling
Life I have been told since I was young, by teachers
Is not fair though justice we are told to follow
Those who can adapt to our created enviroment
Of justice's rules, though injust, often imagined
For a sinlge groups personnal aims and claims
Survive, thrive, and rule as alpha male dog kings
Even though men died for the people vs. the fuedal
And those unadaptable to scheming, though they be just
They the bodies given for glory, they the blood of freedom
Are seldomn immortalized in bronze, stone, or paper
Nor simply revered nor remembered well as the tyrannical
I want justice to be fair and injustice to be out dated
We shall see, shall we see
Though no one can make me free except me

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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