Kayla LeBlanc

L'Amour Doux-Amer - Poem by Kayla LeBlanc

Alone in my room I sit and write.

Its times like these when i feel unbelievably alone.

I embrace my only friends,

This paper, pen, and my shadow.

But you, the beauty of my soul,

The only thing I find to be so true and pure,

You are always with me.

Embracing my mind, as the rays of the sun

Embrace the clouds and light the world.

Captivating my mind, as the whooshing of ocean waves

Captivate the imagination.

Forever in my eyes you will be the keeper

Of my everythng.

I'm so deeply in love.

In love with his laugh.

In love with how perfect his smile breaks across his face.

In love with how his fingers run through his hair.

In love with the sound his feet make as they cross the room.

In love with every single move he makes.

And yet, with all these flawless charades,

I cannot summon the courage to

Lay my lips upon these words that carry my heart.

The words that could completely make the difference,

Between what is real, and what is my mind.

The truth of his lips makes me believe the world

Starts and ends with only one being.

The being of his undying love.

The truth between a fairytail, and a small town story.

The truth that comes as my lips part,

And his name slides off the tip of my twisted tongue.

The truth that follows with three words,

Three words that could set the coldest of hearts on fire.

Set it on fire, as the setting sun sets the clouds ablaze.

Must I keep this to myself?

For the fear of losing a friend,

Is greater than the pounding sensation to let these words flow.

And so if this is the only time I may let these words flow free,

I shall take this paper, pen, and shadow

In this lonely room, and let my spirit fly.

Fly with the thoughts of his love.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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