Angelica Boyce

Last Love Note [[long Poem]]

A little girl with a teddy bear
A little boy with bleach blonde hair
Met by there parents who were friends
That’s when there love all began
There love got stronger threw out the years
They shared some laughs they shared some tears
From kindergarten to high school
Deep in a love that was so true
They thought there love would never end
Until the day he decide to fend
It wouldn’t be long until he left
To fight for his country even if it meant death
Soon the day came he couldn’t stand to see her tears
Him making her cry was his only fear
So he left her a letter one last love note
And this is what her solider wrote…
“… I love you with all my heart
I know this letter will tare you apart
But the reason I’m leaving it is because I can’t see you in pain
Your smile keeps the blood running through my vanes
I want to remember you as the girl with the smile on her face
Not as the girl with tears caused by my mistake
You know I would never try to make you cry
And these are all the reasons why…
I love you and will forever
Forgetting you will happen never
But I must leave and say my goodbyes
But please baby girl don’t you cry
I promise one day we’ll be together for good
Just like two lovers should
But now I must leave to go fight
You must realize this could take my life
So pray for me and hope god hears
But don’t worry there’s nothing to fear
If fighting for my country takes my life
Then up in the sky we will reunite
I promise you this is not the end of our love
Just the beginning of what we shall become
Just keep me in your heart and in your prayers
And one day with you I’ll be there
But now I must leave in my heart you shall stay
Until the day my body goes down to lay
Then I’ll wait for you up in the sky
Just please baby girl don’t you cry…”

She read the letter, no tears stained her face
She knew she must be strong for her man at base
He would be in her heart until the day
When in his arms was where she’d lay
For many years she held back those tears
Everyday she’d pray hoping god would hear
But then one day came when she finally broke down
She dropped to her knees as her fist hit the ground
The day when god didn’t hear her pray
When a man in uniform came with words rehearsed to say
Telling her, her one true love was gone
Saying where the funeral was and when to come
A week past and they laid him in the ground
The thunder roared as the rain poured down
People looked around to see her face
But what they found wasn’t even a trace
That day she didn’t show
She was to busy at home
Writing a letter, one last love note
And this is what her broken heart wrote
“… I love him with all my heart
And with this letter we will no longer be apart
The reason I’m leaving it is because I’m in so much pain
His love is what kept the blood running through my vanes
I want to remember him as the man whose heart I chased
Not as the man with the cold pail face
I know he never meant to make me cry
But I need him and this is why
I love him and will forever
Forgetting him will happen never
So now I must leave and say my goodbyes
So we can live our lives in the sky
I need to be with him, together for good
Just like two lovers should
But now I must leave to make this right
Now in the sky we shall live our life
My place is in heaven through the golden gates
There is where my solider waits
Fighting for our country has took his life
Now it’s time for us to reunite
There is no end to our love
This is just the beginning of what it shall become
But now I must go this is the only way
Next to him my body shall lay
He waits for me up in the sky
Now his baby girl, will no longer cry…”

Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 12, 2009

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