Del a.k.a. Abe Jones

Left With A Life Of Dying

Left With A Life Of Dying

I have a friend who has a Son
Who has fought in this war
A Marine who did his duty
That's what Marines are for.

Two tours in the battle zones
Just part of his history
He was discharged, came home
And like many, with, PTSD.

He tried to get some help
But, he was turned away
Sad, that happens many times
When they go to the VA.

He worked, for a little while
On his own, he tried to cope
His problems began to grow
And he started to lose hope.

He tried drugs, to ease the pain
That, tormented his sick mind
But he found they didn't help
Just sickness, of a different kind.

He spent his time in a daze
And as drugs usually do
Only took him deeper into hell
'Til he wished his life was through.

He couldn't function, lost his job
He lost his house and car
His Wife and Children left him
When he pushed them, too far.

He spent some time on the street
Where so many Veterans go
He had finally hit the bottom
Which, for some, is the deathblow.

Mom saved him, took him in
Cause Mom's love has no bounds
Your Mom is always Mom
With a strength that astounds.

Finally getting off the drugs
But, just a shell of the Man
Who fought for his Country
In some, far off, foreign land.

The illness there in his mind
Still ate away, untreated
And as each day passed by
The more this Man retreated.

He didn't know what to do
To right the wrongs, he'd done
But as the old saying goes
Once a Marine, always one.

So, one day he re-enlisted
And now, waiting to ship out
Thinks, fighting and killing
Is what his life is all about.

He told his Mom he hoped
That this, might make things right
Because he'd lost the Battle
His Country, left him alone, to fight.

The moral of this story?
(I guess, moral's the wrong word)
There are so many stories like this
Sadly, that will never be heard.

We can't see the deepest wounds
When, they're hidden there, inside
While some can overcome them
Too many, have nowhere to hide.

We should be ashamed and outraged
We let so many Heroes die
After they come home and try to live
But then, can't find a reason, 'Why? '

I hope this one story has an ending
Where his demons are chased away
But, I fear that will not happen
For only fairytales, end that way.

Del 'Abe' Jones

Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 22, 2008

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