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Let Me Woo You In The Wee Of The Hour - Poem by Nero CaroZiv

Let me woo you in the wee
Of the hour when we are sitting beneath a shady tree
Among its boughs we laugh and kiss
There no adder dares to hiss

When kissing speaks with lustful language
Troubles would be gone, oh vanish anguish
My lips will roam in your garden of roses
Missing none of your thousands posies
Seven kisses short as one
Would leave the work undone
And even one long as ten
Would not bring our happy scene to its end

The day will seem as an hour short
When dealing with such pleasures and sport
Your lips cloyed with loathed satiety
Turning red and pale with fresh variety
You lie tied and tangled in my net
I cannot tell
Is it content or is it fret?
Though you tender panting shows you are unripe
I will let none of your advantages slip

Do not be so shy and coy to play your part
In our time-beguiling art
This primrose bush on which we lean
Never can guess or deem what we mean
None of its buds can see or blab
The gaudy grasshopper is too busy after its pulp
And the heavy smug frog
Into the bottom’s lake plops
We can hide well behind the vermilion-veined tulip
On its flowery bed we can rest or sleep
The crowds of cowslip ahead never prattle
Nor their distinguished neighbor the shy myrtle

No doubt our scene is not in sight
So be pert nimble and full of conceit
From your tempting lips I will rob a drop
And my blood in my veins starts to throb
Who can believe that one dropp from such a barrel
Makes one’s eyes see but pearls

Then we can our pose exchange
And let your voluptuous lips do the command
Mine, what love-slaves would love to obey
While yours never feed on such luscious prey
As a fierce falcon sharp by fast
Your lips on mine forever last
At dusk we can love on the lawn
Where no one peeps or glances except the moon alone
Leave our lure on the bosom of a lush lea
Never the world has known such glee

At midnight we lave at the falls of the vales
Encircled by lofty trees and sturdy dales
On the glassy face of a spangled bay
We chase the moon light quite a way
You are naked and gilded colossus
Against the moon-luster blazes
Outdoing in beauty and grace
Any ocean nymph with human face

You bask in the starry string of a night dark
Amazing the heavily sleeping lark
Dive and plump in the silent lake
Leaving around circulates glittering idly without a break
Until they all melt into one glamorous track
To contend with the moon sheen
Such a war of lights was never before seen
Then dip and leap and dive again
Splashing liquid pearls on every lane
Some watery stones took a longer pass
Falling on the long bladed grass
Turning it to studded swords of mighty kings
The imperious supreme of all mortal things
Only one stubborn watery gem earnestly craved
To use the lovely vale of your breast as its internal cave

At dawn we site upon lofty hills
And watch the farmers lining furrows on the fields
Or we can mount the craggy rocks
And watch the shepherds lead their flocks
By shallow brooks and rank springs
The melodious morning birds would for us sing

Come love; gather our flower days on their prime
Or they would be consumed and wasted by rushing time
The days of our youth are sweet but short
They race to their end as the foaming waves to pebbled shore

copy rights 2010

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