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Let Us Think, Who We Are? - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Let us clarify ourselves,
Are we here to Earn Self?
Are we here really,
Then who are we,
From where we come here,
If we look at the evolution of life, Everycell in our body is living,
Body is colony of cells,
Each cell performing its duty,
Without knowing the final result,
A cell may not be knowing who
is master of this body, From where it gets food,
Who removes the garbage and
waste, It is I am that dwelling here,
Identifying myself as colony of
Feeding it, using it and enjoying
Happiness and pain!
isn't it clear that we are not
the body?
We are not the mind that depend
the capital city,
Of this colony,
The brain in the head,
Still look at are we physiological
and psychological wonder,
Or are we wonder beyond these
Aren't we the root cause of all
wonder, Creating these wonder out of
elements? Limiting ourselves is our own
We are master of our own,
Yet we live like slaves of our own

Look at what we call as grace of God!
Isn't it our own purity,
Our own mastery,
Or own fight against odds,
The result of battle between
real and unreal is graceful than any grace?
God will look at you with neutrality,
As neutrality and impartiality are his qualities,
Just He is witness to what you are!
You are the Self of universe,
Everywhere you confuse yourself with time and space,
Get confused with colonies,
Just widen own consciousness,
You are that who has that capacity,
Once learn that you are the lord,
See that Lord in everyone,
Every knowledge is yours,
Because same truth lies behind everything,
as consciousness that lives in you as your core!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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