Brittney Finch


Because with every story there is a new beginning
and with every beginning there is an end
when you put both of them together you get a new story
and the story is that I cant go a day with out
Thinking, Talking, Or Saying your name
as the moon shine down to the earth and to me
the moon is in pain that some day it might not
look down to what it dose today
this is what I think of you this is why my eyes will
never close this is why my heart.
Beats faster.
When the stars shine down
to kiss the earth
and to the heavens above
do they see us or our we ghosts to them
are angels real do they sit upon the clouds and Waite
do they know that there in fear in our eyes
when we look up at the heaves above do they see us
or is there no heaven why must people
go over these question when there is no
truth behind them.
I lay in bed wondering why
why must there be stories
why must there be death
why must there be a beginning to an end
is death a beginning or is it an end?
If life death or is it a beginning
do we dream because out world is not perfect
do we dream of some thing better
do we dream because we don’t want to wake up
do we never go to sleep because
we are afraid to close our eyes
do we never sleep because the one we love is lost
do we never sleep because when we open our eyes they wont be there
life after death is there any do
we dream of the golden gates opening to welcome us in
or is death... welcoming to you
do you great death when it comes to you
my hands shake
because I’m sitting on the ground
looking up at the rain not knowing if my life
will end today
not knowing if a car
is coming
not knowing if when I look back down
it will be at you and not at the ground.
I fear that death is upon me
but when will it come
when will death take my life away.

Poem Submitted: Monday, January 31, 2011

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