Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Life - Poem by Justin Reamer

Life is something precious,
For it is the thing
We share with other people,
The relationships
That we have all held together,
And the daily events
That happen in
Our years.

Life, for me,
Has been an adventure,
With its ups,
And with its downs,
It has been good
And bad,
No matter what happened.

My childhood was not special,
For it had its good times
And its bad times,
And they were all different,
And they were all something
I learned from,
Despite the problems
I faced.

I mean,
It was not my fault
That my father left me,
And the rest of my family,
And that he tried
To throw us out on the street,
And it was not my fault that
People picked on me,
No matter where I went,
But still,
I had some relationships,
With my friends that I had,
And my family,
Who have always supported me,
No matter what happened.

And my adolescence
Was about the same,
And it had its good and bad times,
And I guess I loved the good,
And hated the bad,
Even though they were
All different experiences,
And from the good,
I will always cherish
The memories,
And the bad,
I will always learn from
My mistakes.

I am not perfect,
So I have made mistakes
In my life,
Such as being irresponsible,
Messing up with relationships,
And many other things.

Yet, I learned from my
And I have become
Better than what I was.

Life has also its good things,
Such as my friends and family,
Who have always been there,
And the relationships I have had,
And the fun times we had,
As well,
Such as simply hanging out,
Going to the beach,
Watching TV,
Having dinner,
Having lunch,
Playing video games
Such as stuff on
The Nintendo systems,
And everything else there was,
And the good memories we had
Were great enough for me.

And, yes, there are the past
And present,
But there is also the future,
Although I do not know what
I am going to do when
The future comes around,
For there is so much to see,
And so much to look forward to,
That you never know if
Something will come your way
Or not,
So that is what I look forward to,
That good old future,
That I know I am going to love
So much when it
Comes along.

It will be cool,
And life is full
Of experiences,
And I have had those,
And there is still
More to come.

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