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Sometimes life can be horrible,
when your mad sometimes you wish you'd just die.
Don't worry there people who really care and want to help,
calm down and wait.

Don't stress out to much,
or you'll never know what's gon' happen.
The madder you get, the rotten you'll be.
Be tough, and tell the world who you really are.

Love people who love you back,
have faith in you, who also
feels confidient about themselves.

The ones that get you so mad,
forget about them losers.
They think it's cool to disappoint you,
well guess what.....IT'S NOT! ! !

Life is never going to end,
when you want ut to end.
It's gonna end when it wants to.

you hate, love, or even
feel embarrased about your life,
your gonna fall in love with it either way.
Just live your life the way it is.

Don't change your life
because someone told you to.
Do it because you want to and feel like it.

Get help whenever you want to,
when your angry, horrible, or bored about life.

Help is on the way! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 10, 2009

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