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Life Is Like A Number Line - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Life Is Like a number Line,
Between negative infinity to positive infinity,
At the middle have that zero,
All are finite numbers,
Zero stands for nothing,
Infinity for everything,
But zero is some how useful,
When it is with numbers on proper side,
Infinity is useless as it engulf all!

Numbers are special on their own,
Some are positives, have mirror images in negatives,
May be integers or fractions,
May be rational or irrational,
Some are real and some are imaginary,
These make number of life complex,
Polynomaials with complex roots,
Or with complex coefficients,
If we take them on XY plane, they act and interact with one another,
Some make us laugh, as we find the answer,
Some brings us to sober, as they remain as mystery!

But life Is not to dimensional,
Multi dimensional it is,
So multidimensional space of life make it wonderful,
A wonder out of reach of all!

But modular sets can draw some with some similarities
If you want to become mathematician,
Learn to play with them, bearing all headache they cause!

Otherwise either multiply all numbers by zero,
And yourself too, become zero,
Or merge all in infinity to wash your dirty hands,
If you want to know what is life,
Become a mathematician to play with numbers,
Life Is nothing but interaction of real with real or real with imaginary, positive with positive,
Negative with negative,
Or positive with negative,
Rational with rational,
irrational with irrational, most of time a rational with irrational,
But noone is perfect like zero among finite,
And no one can't say anything about the infinite!

The Soul is that space on which all numbers play according to the karma and thoughts!

Oops this interactions of numbers is life!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

` Thoughts..! ! ! `
`Bad Thoughts serves Self with
`Bad Life.
`Good Thoughts serves Self with
`Good Life.
`Angry Thoughts serves Self with `Angry Life.
`Positive Thoughts serves Self
with `Positive Life.
`Beautiful Thoughts serves Self
with `Beautiful Life.
But.. `Thoughts Of Nothingness serves Self with Everything`

Nothing Is Bad Or Good.. It All
Depends On Our Choice For
Action Spelled As Intent By Our
Transcendental Worth (Karma) .:: `☛
Our Intent In Use -&- Utility Of
Action For Larger-Self.. Beyond
Describes Beauty Of Positivity &
Goodness Of Thoughts As Life..! ! ! `

Thoughts by Brother Mr. Charanjith Lamba

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 10, 2012

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