Lifestylez - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Living the good life
Maintain to keep a life
Trying to keep afloat in life
Making a happy family life

Rich & famous style
Bentley's rolling on 22's
Mansions on private islands
The spot light… worshiping of the talent possessed
Name's a household second language…

Ballers style
High siding…perpetrating dollars
Entourage of chicks and dicks
Was it a freewheel… get a little piece… spend at will

Its the high life

Shot calling style
8 balling out of control
Getting more bounce to the ounce
Got 5 on it
Blowing up pipe bombs
Needles skipping tracks
Mind and self-control is shot…

Home maker style
The hard work endured to make life easy and happy for family…
State the claim…it's all a struggle

Something not right…

Home wrecker style
Too lazy to display modest qualities hidden inside... One wants what the other has… finds a way to high jacking happy families
Forgo the position that was being fought for

Living Single style
Enjoying the free-style… no answering to any one…dwell when and where ever pleasing
Slick tongue… Conjuring valuable tricks
Was it all fun and games

Sideline hoe style
Watching all those walk by… being a team player waiting for a turn…get thrown a bone…in the end still all alone…
One in the hand with two in the bush
Status quo…3 and 4 babies Daddy's…wing span on the eagles getting out of hand
What you see is what you getUnder illusion…

Styles that are carried in life vary…
Some come thinking what is desired will be all that…
Until the cherry gets popped…
Reality hits… Frustration…
Years gone…

They forgot to mention that trials are a part of obtaining the lifestyle
Once in a life time opportunity
If the spirit of determination is not live
The aim for the style that is wished …will be missed…
What lifestylez walks in the heart

Jen Of Poetry™
©Nov 29 2011

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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