Incendia Tempesta

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Little Wonders - Poem by Incendia Tempesta

The stars above us shine like the light I see in your eyes as we begin to dance
The reflection of the moon sparkles in the lake nearby.
The wonderful smelling flowers sway in the gentle summer breeze.
The gigantic and ancient oak tree beside the lake towers over us.
The beauty that surrounds us is nothing less than extraordinary.

However, it doesn't come close to matching what I see in your eyes.
The amazingly blue wonders that pierce deep into my soul.
Pulling me in without hesitance.
Begging me to trust you with my life.
How could I refuse?
They destroy any defenses I had before.
And open my heart effortlessly,
Like a key to a lock that even a criminal couldn't break into.

It doesn't compare to the wonder of your smile.
When you look at me with that magical, contagious smile
I cant help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Its that smile that takes my breath away without fail.
That follows the smooth melody of laughter I never want to stop hearing.
Your smile that I await anxiously to see everyday.
It lights up every room you walk into like a flashlight in the pitch dark of night.

It doesn't compare to the peace I feel with my hands in yours
Or the way your arms keep me close.
Your soft, gentle hands that wrap around mine
Never letting go, even as I twirl around and around and face you again,
Your strong arms wrap tightly but gently around me like a blanket.
They cradle me against you
As if begging me not to go.
They are my shield from the cold barren world outside.
They are what created this world fit for only us.

It doesn't compare to how you make me feel every single day.
And how when the song ends, we continue to dance
Somehow keeping in step without effort.
How when you kiss me, I feel like I am reborn.
And my whole body feels weak, needing your support.
Or how I never take my eyes off you
because I fear that I would miss a smile on your face
Or the light in your eyes
Or that it would be a second that I wouldn't see the heavenly face of the one I love.
It makes me remember how lucky I am.

I fell for my guardian angel.
My protector.
My knight.
My love.
My friend.

This what I see and feel when I am with you.
And the only thing I know without a doubt is that
I love you.

Fall 2009

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