Look At You Now Poem by Not A Dream Choice

Look At You Now

Look at you now when the streets too long are
The stony pass must fall
A way should be endless when it is your own
I got new glasses, a new shirt
Your colours they painted them when
The rain washed them away in a single compony
Added a new profile for a new symphony

Rainy days they it all washes away
Coming down the highway and burning the snow
Shooting up through the soul like airflow
Divide it in pieces and everyone got a bit
When the counsel said he got enough of it

They got no respect because they think they have no choice
Please stop with that I can’t get enough of your voice
But I have the best of all your best nights
I have the best from all yours worthless smiles
But I’m not the one who likes to be drunk
Not the one who wants to sunk

Rainy days they it all washes away
When you ride on the roadway I walk on the subway
Singing then I comes to go down and down
The ices smelt our war has begun
To be fair we everybody got a shotgun
The blood comes to be slatted over the snow

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